Honesty in Recovery

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A common fact about addiction is that lying becomes a habit in order to get access to the drug of your choice. Being deceitful to yourself, and those who love you becomes second nature in order to feed your addiction. This is a very understandable thing to happen when you become reliant on a substance.

The dishonesty that comes with substance abuse is seen as a necessary evil to satisfy this force that has taken control of your life. Therefore, this is one of the first things we address in our treatment programs. The sooner you can become honest with yourself and those around you, the sooner you are one step closer to recovery. Many people in recovery live by the mantra: we are as sick as our secrets.

People need to pay special attention to honesty in recovery because they have to be truthful to others, and above all, they have to be honest with themselves. People who aren’t honest, are more prone to relapse. This is why honesty has to become an everyday habit until it converts to second nature to achieve recovery for life.

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