Treatment Method

Immediate Support and Lifelong Solutions

Our personalized treatment programs are specific to your life and your journey to recovery and wellness.

Medical Assessment

You will receive a thorough physical exam from a doctor with training in addictions medicine. Throughout your program, access to medical care will ensure that any underlying medical illnesses impacting your recovery are addressed and treated.

Psychiatric Assessment

A detailed psychiatric evaluation to address any co-occuring mental illnesses is essential to your recovery success.

In-Home Detox Program

We offer medical and personal supports to allow you to achieve sobriety in a setting that you feel safe in. This includes a pharmacist consultation and daily delivery of opiate replacement medication.

Individual Therapy

You will receive dedicated therapy sessions, as well as contact on an as-needed basis to ensure you have access to support anytime you require it.



You are never alone in your recovery process. Group work allows you to build connections, develop new and healthy relationships, provides a safe avenue to learn about yourself while you interact with your peers.

Extended Aftercare and Family Program

Treatment plans range from 3 months to one year with additional recovery management available as well. We know that your recovery can feel like a lonely experience, and family and supports are essential to your recovery. However your family and supports may be suffering along with you and need support as well. We strive to engage your supports in our process.

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