Recovery For Life

We offer an outpatient, community-based treatment program that is designed to help individuals overcome the disease of addiction. We also help foster the development of a life worth living. Underpinning our general philosophy is a declaration to help our clients aspire towards Recovery for Life.

On the one hand, when we speak of recovery for life, we mean that clients need to recover in the life that they are living at the present moment in order to get well where they are. It’s our belief that, for many individuals who reside in treatment facilities, the ability to remain well is limited only to their stay in the program. At EMS, we believe that if we can get you well where you are, you will have a better chance of staying in this place of health and happiness. Through our community-based programming, you will learn new life skills in the environment where you will need to use them. It’s recovery for the life that you have built.

Secondly, at EMS we also recognize, based on empirical evidence, that the length of time that clients remain in treatment programs is commonly not long enough to effectively change and cement healthy behaviour patterns. In these circumstances, clients do not always depart feeling safe, comfortable and confident as they return back to their own environment. Our programming is intended to expose our clients to every situation and be there to support them to help help guarantee a robust recovery for life.