In-Home Rehab and Recovery


At EMS, our comprehensive in-home rehab and recovery program includes education, counselling, group therapy, and skill-building, as well as psychiatric evaluations and medication if deemed necessary.

We provide a guided pathway to navigate recovery in an effective way. You will learn about addiction and recovery, self-values, self-compassion, resentment, honesty, complex trauma, mindfulness, distress, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, forgiveness, grieving, boundaries, stress, self-doubt, self-improvement and more. 

What is In-Home Rehab?

The skills-based strategies that we teach are in harmony with the skills offered in your standard residential treatment centres, but with the variation, that completion takes place in the community and will be extended over a longer period of time.

At EMS we recognize, based on empirical evidence, that the length of time that clients remain in treatment programs is commonly not long enough to effectively create change and cement healthy behaviour patterns. Additionally, We know that in many residential treatment settings the comforts and supports during treatment do not follow you home – and this is where you will eventually go back to after recovering.

Our programming is intended to expose our clients to all life situations and to be there to support them through the process of living sober. In this case, if you feel safe to do so, you will be able to stay home and continue working while attending counselling and group sessions at EMS, as well as staying active in the community.  

Counselling and Group Therapy

You will receive dedicated therapy sessions, as well as contact on an as-needed basis to ensure you have access to support anytime you require it. You should never be alone in your recovery process.  

We also provide group counselling which allows you to build connections, develop new and healthy relationships, and provides a safe avenue to learn about yourself while you interact with your peers.

Treatment Timeline

Our program is intended to function over the course of a year, and our treatment plans range from 4 months to one year, with additional recovery management available as well.

Initially, you will have daily contact with one of our healthcare professionals including 1-2 group counseling sessions and 1-2 individual therapeutic sessions per week. The exact amount and schedule will be determined based on your needs. 

Family Supports

As well, our comprehensive treatment program includes family members looking for support or information. Their level of involvement will be determined on a case-by-case basis and is at the client’s discretion.

Medical and Psychiatric Services

As Canadian leaders in mental health, addiction and medicine, our team specializes in community-based and mental health treatment. Each individual client will receive a personalized and science-based approach in aim to remove any barriers to treatment while remaining at home with their own support systems.

We offer medical and personal supports to allow you to achieve sobriety in a setting that you feel safe in. This includes a pharmacist consultation and daily delivery of opiate replacement medication. A detailed psychiatric evaluation to address any co-occurring mental illnesses is essential to your recovery success.

Throughout your program, access to medical care will ensure that any underlying medical illnesses impacting your recovery are addressed and treated. A full medical team is here to treat you holistically with body, mind, co-occurring mental illness, and supportive pharmacotherapy tools.  

If you’re interested in starting our program, please contact us and a meeting will be organized immediately for an entry interview. During this session, an intake counsellor will gather all the information required to facilitate a safe and healthy beginning to the recovery process. 

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