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At Executive Medical Solutions we believe that addiction is a disease and that it is important to discover the source  of the sickness while, at the same time, moving forward with strategies to live in the world substance free.

We believe that this goal can be accomplished through education, individual interviews, group-formatted session, and by creating a healthy environment in which to heal.

Our team specializes in community-based addiction and mental health treatment using a science-based and personalized approach with every client and remove barriers to treatment by working with out clients while they remain at home with their own support system.

Your time is NOW and we are here to provide you with a safe and supportive place to assist you on this new and exciting journey.


“Recovery requires inner strength, a spiritual awakening, and sustained commitment and discipline. In addition, beating the disease of addiction requires outside support. The team at Executive Medical Solutions has shown me that I do have the power when it comes to abstinence from drugs and alcohol. They have shown me that I am not alone on the journey and that there is the possibility of a better life."

EMS Winnipeg Patient

"Watching anyone struggle with addiction is incredibly painful; for a parent watching a child even more so. The EMS team has worked with all our family supporting us all through our sons recovery. The combination of excellent mental health and addiction care, a comprehensive program of goal setting and life skills makes EMS easy to highly recommend.”

Parent of EMS Winnipeg Patient

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