Healing from Complex Trauma

For many people on their journey to recovery, as they learn about complex trauma, and consider their own childhood, they begin to recognize that a version of this may have happened to them  

If complex trauma is not addressed, it will continue to influence your life and won’miraculously go away. You will to struggle with memories, overreact to situations and have a hard time with relationships and your general well-being. It has brought you to your addiction and it will continue to influence you until you deal with it. 

While it may seem like it’s going to be too painful to deal with, most people who go through the process of overcoming trauma, say it was nowhere near as difficult as they thought it would be. They say it was absolutely worth it.  

Here are five facts that we know about healing from trauma:  

  1. With help, its possible.
  2. Healing from complex trauma involves reconnecting and resiliency 
  3. You have to pace yourself  
  4. It’s multileveled  
  5. You need self-compassion  

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