The Value of Ourselves

The term, value, generally refers to our beliefs that some things are good, other things are irrelevant, and some things are bad. Our core values define what is really important to us; they give us insight into who we really are. Our core values give us meaning and purpose. 

Knowing what our values are and sticking to them leads to higher self-confidence, good self-esteem and a healthy sense of self.   

When you become dependent on alcohol, drugs or food, you tend to lose sight of your values. Many of those values are compromised such as intimacy, loyalty, honesty, career, health, integrity or education. 

Once you know your core values, you can eliminate activities that don’t align with them. 

People with addiction often discover that once they establish their core values and begin to do more things that align with them, substance use and the activities related to it, no longer play a role in their lives. 

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