Understanding Addiction

The first step towards recovery is understanding what addiction is and how it progresses. At EMS we work to teach our clients as much as we can to help them towards recovery.

Addiction is a condition in which a person develops a pattern of using drugs and/or alcohol at an increasing dose and/or rate. This is despite negative consequences including physical and psychological side effects. 

The seven main criteria include:

  1. Trouble stopping or controlling the use of alcohol or other substances
  2. Obsession or being preoccupied with getting, having and using the substance
  3. Increased tolerance or finding that you need more of the substance in order to get the desired effects
  4. Withdrawal symptoms when the substance is not ingested
  5. Using an excessive or inappropriate amount of the substance
  6. Continuing to use substances despite life problems from using and significant emotions of guilt and shame
  7. Giving up important things/activities/friends and violating our own morals and values

If you or someone you love has these symptoms, please contact us to see how we can help.