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Why is Executive Medical Solutions Unique?

Winnipeg, Manitoba is our home. We know just how important a sense of community is and we feel lucky to live in our humble city.

As we continue to offer our effective, compassionate and rapid access to community-based addictions treatment we also understand that regular day to day life and your profession are important, which is why our service is client-centred.

Our services include a full medical team to treat you holistically, including your body and mind, while addressing any co-occurring mental illness and providing supportive pharmacotherapy.

We provide support while you continue living and working, in your unique environment, to help you heal.

Jennith Guertin

Jennith Guertin comes to Executive Medical Solutions with a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Psychology and a Masters of Arts Degree in Counselling Psychology (BA Hons, MACP). Jennith has previous experience/education in psychology/psychiatry which includes experimental and clinical work at a mood and anxiety disorders research clinic and also has widespread experience in pharmacology. Jennith has been trained in other related areas including the fundamentals of addiction, neuroscience and the treatment of trauma, and the foundations of compassionate inquiry. Jennith has certification in trauma-informed care.

Jennith is an established recovery coach with extensive experience in facilitating and supporting individuals through the process of overcoming addictions. She has been comprehensively involved in facilitating both group and individual therapeutic recovery work and she approaches her clients from a compassion-based, client-centred perspective.

Dr. Jeff Waldman

Dr. Jeff Waldman holds specialist qualifications in Psychiatry and has also obtained subspecialty certification in Forensic Psychiatry.  Practicing in Psychiatry since 2003 at the Health Science Center, Dr. Waldman has developed a comprehensive and effective community-based program providing psychiatric care and addressing a variety of factors including addictions while his patients maintained their independence in the community. His multidisciplinary team helped patients with a history of mental illness who had come into contact with the criminal justice system, many of whom had addictions as a primary risk factor.   Dr Waldman is a leader in the mental health community and has provided consultation to the World Psychiatric Association task force on mental health in correctional settings. Currently, he sits on the  executive committee of the Canadian Academy of Psychiatry and the Law and is the co-editor of the Canadian Academy of Psychiatry and the Law newsletter. He is the prairie representative to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons subspecialty committee for Forensic Psychiatry.   Pursuing an opportunity to provide psychiatric care to the broader community, Dr. Waldman left the Health Sciences Centre and is using his clinical and administrative experience to help those seeking recovery and independence. Dr. Waldman is certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba in opioid replacement therapy (Suboxone).

Carey Lai

Carey is a practicing community pharmacist for over 15 years. He is a certified concurrent disorder counsellor and is also a mental health first aid instructor.

Providing counselling, training and support to over a thousand clients in the community, Carey believes everyone can achieve balanced mental health through a client focus collaborative approach.

Trained in providing Opioid Replacement Therapy, Carey strives to help one achieve sobriety through pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical methods.

Emma Peck

Emma is Executive Medical Solutions Addiction and mental health worker.

Emma is working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and is passionate about supporting and empowering individuals struggling with mental health and addiction.

Emma values connection with her community, both spiritually and physically, and believes strongly in giving back, just as she was supported on her journey to recovery. Emma is involved in facilitating both group and individual therapeutic recovery work and she approaches her clients from a strength-based, compassion-based and person-centred approach. 

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