Dealing with Resentments

Resentment is one of the emotions that is most significant in addiction and recovery. This is a negative feeling that you can’t let go of and that you replay over and over in your mind. We feel resentment when we think we’ve been wronged by someone, and those feelings of anger, sadness and disappointment don’t go away over time.

Most, if not all, addicts feel resentment towards someone. Those persistent negative feelings can drive a person to use drugs or alcohol as a means of escaping and feeling better.

When a person quits using drugs or alcohol, their feelings of resentment will be high and they may even develop new ones. Recovery should feel good, but resentments are huge hurdle to cross.

These are addictive and toxic feelings. In order to overcome feelings of resentment, you need to acknowledge exactly what they are. A starting place is to write down your feelings. You must realize that resentment serves no purpose but to hold you back. It does nothing but allow the person who hurt you to continue to interfere with your life.

There are so many emotions that happen in the early stages of recovery for both addicts and their families. If they aren’t dealt with, feelings of anger, sadness and disappointment, can become worse. Counselling is a crucial step towards dealing with these emotions.

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